Anisotropy in the pion angular distribution of the reactionpp→ppπ0at 400 MeV

P. Thörngren Engblom, S. Negasi Keleta, F. Cappellaro, B. Höistad, M. Jacewicz, T. Johansson, I. Koch, S. Kullander, H. Pettersson, K. Schönning, J. Zlomańczuk, H. Calén (+14 others)
2007 Physical Review C  
The reaction pp -> pp pi0 was studied with the WASA detector at the CELSIUS storage ring. The center of mass angular distribution of the pi0 was obtained by detection of the gamma decay products together with the two outgoing protons, and found to be anisotropic with a negative second derivative slope, in agreement with the theoretical predictions from a microscopic calculation.
doi:10.1103/physrevc.76.011602 fatcat:k3wqkglsrvdptapwf37jbvqaba