Jute fibre reinforced plastics: Evaluation of application based properties

J Sajin, R Sivasubramanian, R Nagalingam, M Sivakumar
2015 Carbon-Sci. Tech   unpublished
A fibre extracted from jute is a budding component identified for its potential application in composites. It is imperative to evaluate the parametric and property based features to determine its suitability. In this research study, considering the possible application of the fibre composites, the aptness of these fibres are examined with respect to their physical, mechanical [by layered manufacturing technique(LM)] and thermal properties. This study focuses on evaluating the properties and
more » ... viour of raw Jute fibres and NaOH surface treated fibres. Subsequently, the fibres are subjected to thermo-gravimetry tests. The outcome of the thermal analysis clearly indicates that the temperature peak shifts to a higher region in the treated fibre compared to raw fibre. The overall observation strongly emphasize that the physical properties and the thermal behaviour of jute fibre are enhanced after surface treatments which makes it more feasible for its application in composite structures.