Development of High Efficiency and New Selectivity Liquid Chromatographic Phases for the Separation of Ionic and Hydrophilic Analytes

Muhammad F Wahab
Separation of low molecular weight ions and hydrophilic analytes is achieved by high performance ion chromatography (IC) and hydrophilic interaction liquid chromatography (HILIC). The goal of this thesis was three-fold: to increase the efficiency of IC separations by employing small particles; to develop new selectivity phases for HILIC; and to understand the factors that can lead to distorted peak shapes. Long columns packed with large polymeric particles (6.5-13 µm) still dominate IC. This
more » ... ominate IC. This work investigated 3 µm carbon clad zirconia to which benzene
doi:10.7939/r37p8tm0z fatcat:r25udf3xyvclzb4ozowhy2fqyi