A Novel Activity Recognition System for Alternative Control Strategies of a Lower Limb Rehabilitation Robot

Tao Yang, Xueshan Gao, Rui Gao, Fuquan Dai, Jinmin Peng
2019 Applied Sciences  
Robot-aided training strategies that allow functional, assist-as-needed, or challenging training have been widely explored. Accurate activity recognition is the basis for implementing alternative training strategies. However, some obstacles to accurate recognition exist. First, scientists do not yet fully understand some rehabilitation activities, such as abnormal gaits and falls; thus, there is no standardized feature for identifying such activities. Second, during the activity identification
more » ... rocess, it is difficult to reasonably balance sensitivity and specificity when setting the threshold. Therefore, we proposed a multisensor fusion system and a two-stage activity recognition classifier. This multisensor system integrates explicit information such as kinematics and spatial distribution information along with implicit information such as kinetics and pulse information. Both the explicit and implicit information are analyzed in one discriminant function to obtain a detailed and accurate recognition result. Then, alternative training strategies can be implemented on this basis. Finally, we conducted experiments to verify the feasibility and efficiency of the multisensor fusion system. The experimental results show that the proposed fusion system achieves an accuracy of 99.37%, and the time required to prejudge a fall is approximately 205 milliseconds faster than the response time of single-sensor systems. Moreover, the proposed system also identifies fall directions and abnormal gait types.
doi:10.3390/app9193986 fatcat:iwld75dq2nawhgdimwdyvkr7um