N. G. Vlasenko, O. I. Teplyakova, S. V. Burlakova, V. I. Evseenko, A. V. Dushkin
2019 Siberian Herald of Agricultural Science  
The work presents the results of the research into field efficiency of application of new fungicides when growing spring common wheat in the foreststeppe zone of Western Siberia. At the beginning of the earing phase, crops of spring common wheat Novosibirskaya 31 and Obskaya 2 were treated with fungicides on the basis of tebuconazole in the form of its supramolecular complexes with vegetable metabolites - licorice root extract {Glycyrrhiza uralensis) and polysaccharide arabinogalactan from
more » ... ogalactan from Larex sibirica and Larix gmelinii. The use of tebuconazole complexes with licorice extract and arabinogalactan suppressed the development of major leaf diseases - Septoria, brown rust and powdery mildew. In spring wheat crops of Novosibirskaya 31, the development of diseases decreased by 95.4- 100%, which is comparable with the biological efficiency of commercial fungicide Folicur, CE - 97.1-98.1%. Spraying of Obskaya 2 crops with the studied preparation led to the decrease in the prevalence of Septoria disease by 92.1-97,0%, and the use of Folikur - by 97.1%. The treatment with fungicidal complexes increased the assimilation surface of the flag leaf in both spring wheat varieties. The complex of tebuconazole with licorice extract proved to be the most efficient: in Novosibirskaya 31 the area of the flag leaf increased by 27%, in Obskaya 2 - by 29.8%. When using tebuconazole with arabinogalactan, the flag-leaf area increased by 24 and 22%, respectively. Spraying crops with Folicur increased the performance of the varieties Novosibirskaya 31 by 25.6%, Obskaya 2 - by 24.5%. The weight of grains of the main spike also increased in the variants of treatment of Novosibirskaya 31 with tebuconazole complex with licorice extract by 36.1%, and with arabinogalactan - by 34.4%, which was higher than during crop treatment with Folicur (33.7%). The increase in the grain weight of the main spike of Obskaya 2 wheat variety was 18.4% and 13.8%, respectively, depending on the preparation, while Folikur's application provided the increase by 11.6%. Spraying crops with the studied preparations ensured the increase in the yield of spring wheat grain of the variety Novosibirskaya 31 by 12.1-12.3%, which is comparable with the results of using Folicur - 11.9%. The responsiveness of the variety Obskaya 2 on the application of the complex of tebuconazole with licorice extract was higher and accounted for 20.1%, when spraying tebuconazole with arabinogalactan, its yield increased by 11.2%, and the use of Folicurum led to the increase by 6.6%. Thus, in the conditions of the forest-steppe of Western Siberia, it is more efficient to treat spring common wheat crops at the beginning of the wheat earing phase with the composition of tebuconazole with licorice extract in the consumption rate of the preparation 0.5 kg/ha.
doi:10.26898/0370-8799-2018-5-1 fatcat:2bfz2h7hfrcmjfcbuvgm4orjye