Enhanced unattended ground sensor system communications

K. Bobier, J. Wells, M. Dapper
MILCOM 2002. Proceedings  
Unattended Ground Sensors (UGS) have proven to be valuable in various militaiy missions. Specijkally, UGS systems add signijkantly to the capability and security of r*econnaissance and surveillance units during military operations by monitoring the battlejeld. However, DoD Ground Sensor Systems have historically standardized on a bare-bones low rate communications protocol. Recent initiatives target the incorporation of higher data rates (exceeding 50 kbps), forward error correction,
more » ... rection, networking, and encryption for enhanced performance. This paper highlights the results of these initiatives, and present ystem analysis tradeofls that validate the link reliability and preserve the robustness of legacy systems. CHALLENGES The four main challenges to the product team for a ground sensor communications system are Operational Suitability, Robust Performance, Battery Life, and Affordability . The first challenge faced by communications systems for ground sensor systems is Operational Suitability, which means "Does the system fulfill the functional requirements for data transport of the sensor data" ? This implies that the system meets requirements for range, throughput, accuracy, and latency. The second challenge is that of reliable and robust performance in the face of a range of physical and
doi:10.1109/milcom.2002.1180454 fatcat:egwxm4vtt5fztadtl5mla2qxhi