Communication—Underpotential Deposition of Lead for Investigating the Early Stages of Electroless Copper Deposition on Ruthenium

Lu Yu, Rohan Akolkar
2016 Journal of the Electrochemical Society  
We investigated the early stages of electroless copper (Cu) deposition onto ruthenium (Ru) using a novel ex situ electrochemical technique involving underpotentially deposited lead (Pb upd ). The fractional surface coverage of Cu during electroless deposition on Ru was measured via the Pb upd deposition charge. Recognizing that the onset potential for Pb upd is surface-sensitive, the fraction of the exposed Ru substrate and that of the electroless Cu covered substrate could be quantitatively
more » ... sured. Our investigation, while providing a convenient and easy-to-use surface analytical method, supports the two-dimensional electrochemical growth mode of Cu during early stages of electroless Cu nucleation on Ru. ) unless CC License in place (see abstract). address. Redistribution subject to ECS terms of use (see Downloaded on 2018-07-19 to IP
doi:10.1149/2.0701606jes fatcat:coq7ysdv2fdobdjduswu6i3jae