Measurement of charm production in neutrino charged-current interactions

A Kayis-Topaksu, G Önengüt, R van Dantzig, M de Jong, R G C Oldeman, M Güler, U Köse, P Tolun, M G Catanesi, M T Muciaccia, K Winter, B Van de Vyver (+76 others)
2011 New Journal of Physics  
The nuclear emulsion target of the CHORUS detector was exposed to the wide-band neutrino beam of the CERN SPS of 27 GeV average neutrino energy from 1994 to 1997. In total about 100000 charged-current neutrino interactions with at least one identified muon were located in the emulsion target and fully reconstructed, using newly developed automated scanning systems. Charmed particles were searched for by a program recognizing particle decays. The observation of the decay in nuclear emulsion
more » ... it possible to select a sample with very low background and minimal kinematical bias. 2013 charged-current interactions with a charmed hadron candidate in the final state were selected and confirmed through visual inspection. The charm production rate induced by neutrinos relative to the charged-current cross-section is measured to be sigma(nu_mu N -> mu- C X)/sigma(CC) = (5.75 +-0.32 stat +-0.30 syst)%. The charm production cross-section as a function of the neutrino energy is also obtained. The results are in good agreement with previous measurements. The charm-quark hadronization produces the following charmed hadrons with relative fractions (in %): f_Dzero = 43.7+-4.5, f_Lambda_c^plus = 19.2+-4.2, f_Dplus = 25.3+-4.2, and f_D_splus = 11.8+-4.7.
doi:10.1088/1367-2630/13/9/093002 fatcat:ps2oyhbne5ekbg3hqc7l6tjj4e