Online Journal of Communication and Media Technologies Special Issue: December 2017 Olfactory Communication: Olfaction Process and Communication Relation

Asist Research, Bengü Sanem, Uygunkan
Smell is a characteristic of every living or non-living being has in nature. Sensitivity to sense of smell and the areas of influence can vary depending on the species of living beings and the physical structures of brain and nose. This variation causes various differences in the same species. Besides the intersexual differences among humanbeings, sense of smell and emitting smell according to the periods of women bring along the changes in emotions and attitudes. Sense of smell is a sense that
more » ... every living being has voluntarily or involuntarily and it is related to interpersonal communication which is even called inter communication system and the communication a person has with himself. In addition to this, smell is used as a marketing tool and marketing strategy in the marketing sector in which the importance of smell is realized. There are searches and usages that shape the communication process and make it as attractive as the audiovisual aid at least. By explaining the process of sense of smell of living beings and humanbeings, this study aims at revealing the relation between this process and the communication process.