Assessment, characterization and Eco-Utilization study of solid waste generated from Steel Industries, India- an Overview

2019 ijghc  
For development in the industrial field, automobile sectors and other advance fields metal production is of primarily important. This is the cause of competing the developing countries among themselves for the production of different kind of metals by using different modern technologies economically and easily. Steel industries is now a growing industrial sector all over the world. India occupy second position in metal production after china. The generation of huge amount of various kinds of
more » ... id waste from different integrated steel industries of the world and also in India is a challenge for scientist and researchers. Hence its disposal, eco-utilization and management is of much essential to save our environment from extra pollution load. Different kinds of solid waste such as BF slag, granulated BF slag, SMS slag, BF sludge, Sinter sludge, Fly ash along with unused raw materials are generated from integrated steel industries, which not only increases the pollution load of the environment at that area but also affect the socioeconomic factors of the local people and sometimes destroys the agricultural land nearby it and disturbs the ecosystem. In this paper major emphasis is given to reduce the pollution load by utilizing proper technique of waste disposal, management and eco-utilization.
doi:10.24214/ijghc/gc/8/2/30116 fatcat:4zv323nufjco5c4pnsfozn3cvy