Miftahul Khair, I Sumaryoto
Tourism becomes a sector that gets more attention every year by the government, but now the form of tourism and the essence gained is less relevant. Demak Regency has similar problems, lack of varied forms of tourism, the absence of recreational and educational elements to be one cause of the number of tourists who come to be unstable and declining each year. [Demak In Figures 2015]. The form of tourism that is less environmentally friendly is the next impact. The impact on nature that is less
more » ... uarded sustainability and only concerned with profit alone. Alternative tourism is one of the forms completion taken. Alternative tourism has many advantages that provide a positive impact for the community directly and the environment and also provide educational and recreational value for tourists. Alternative tourism also has a selling point for the potential that exists, one of them potential fruits in the District Demak. Especially guava and star fruit, both the fruit is very abundant and many processed products from both fruit. Agro tourism is an idea chosen as an alternative form of tourism which will support the concept of agri-business center from the existing local government. Agro tourism also as a means of introducing the potential of fruit and agribusiness center to the visitor with the hope that the planned place will live and the standard of living of the local community will increase. To support agro tourism that presents the concept of sustainable tourism, the Eco-architecture is raised to support the objectives of Agro tourism. In eco-architecture there are some basic thoughts that can be a solution of natural damage that occurs due to the form of mass tourism. Eco-Architecture is environmentally sound development, which utilizes the potential of nature as much as possible but still prioritizes conservation, environmental education and welfare of the surrounding community