Bidirectional Instant Radiosity [article]

Benjamin Segovia, Jean Claude Iehl, Richard Mitanchey, Bernard Péroche
2006 Symposium on Rendering  
This paper presents a new sampling strategy to achieve interactive global illumination on one commodity computer. The goal is to propose an efficient numerical stochastic scheme which can be well adapted to a fast rendering algorithm. As we want to provide an efficient sampling strategy to handle difficult settings without sacrificing performance in common cases, we developed an extension of Instant Radiosity [Kel97] in the same way bidirectional path tracing is an extension of path or light
more » ... of path or light tracing. Our idea is to build several estimators and to efficiently combine them to find a set of virtual point light sources which are relevant for the areas of the scene seen by the camera. The resulting algorithm is faster than classical solutions to global illumination. Using today graphics hardware, an interactive frame rate and the convergence of the scheme can be easily obtained in scenes with many light sources, glossy materials or difficult visibility problems.
doi:10.2312/egwr/egsr06/389-397 fatcat:4xgqifwvv5bfxptsb5ii77h3g4