J0320402 Fabrication of Nonporous Layer on Surface of Aluminum Foam by Selective Laser Melting
J0320402 金属レーザ積層造形法による発泡アルミニウム表面への緻密層形成([J032-04]ポリマー・セラミックス・メタル多孔質材料の開発と応用(4),材料力学部門)

2014 The Proceedings of Mechanical Engineering Congress Japan  
Surface pores of a closed − cell type aluminum fbam were filled with aluminum powder by selective laser melting ( SLM ) . The relationship between the laser irradiation conditions and solidification characteristics of aluminum powder was lnvestigated with one − line laser irradiation . The aluminum powder was continuously melted and solidified with a Iaser spot diameter of O. 6 mm and a scallning speed of 10 − 20 mm ! s. According to the successful melting and solidification conditions , SLM
more » ... applied to the surface pores of a closed − cell type aluminum foam supplied with aluminum powder The supplied aluminum powder was rnelted and welded to the aluminum fbam . As the result , the a ] uminum foam with nonporous surface layer ( sandwich structure ) was successfully fabricated .
doi:10.1299/jsmemecj.2014._j0320402- fatcat:non3deorqfcslio47btwqw3ai4