Banners of the Don Cossack Regiments in Late XVIII and early XX Centuries

2019 Russkaya Starina  
The Don Cossacks had their own banner system. In addition to the banners, which were sent to the Don by the tsar, the Cossacks had their own banners, which were very diverse. During the military reform of 1875 the Cossack banners were unified and became identical in form with the Russian cavalry standards. During the civil war, the Cossacks retained the old unified tsarist banners for their resurgent regular regiments, with the exception of the Kalmyk regiment. The remaining Cossack regiments,
more » ... Cossack regiments, which made up the majority, revived the old system of diversity of banners.
doi:10.13187/rs.2019.1.4 fatcat:riflycbsxvg7tgawi6rwaun3le