Air pollution [article]

Vaia Tsepeli, Democritus University Of Thrace
Air pollution has many negative effects on the environment and by extension on human beings. It affects animals and plants, it causes irreversible damage on monuments and it negatively affects human's health. Severe environmental problems such as ozone hole, greenhouse effect and acid rain derive from air pollution. The limitation of air pollution sources, especially the anthropogenic ones, can help tackle the problem. However, the most effective way to resolve it is by raising people's
more » ... ental sensitivity starting from childhood. The educational system and the methods used in the educational process can play an important role towards this direction. Experiential learning is a teaching method that brings the student on the foreground of the educational process and through the transformation of the experiences and the cultivation of skills such as critical thinking and problem solving, it contributes not only in the acquisition of knowledge but also in the formation of citizens that are capable of applying the acquired knowledge and skills in future situations and in tackling problems such as air pollution. Primary education, the first step of the educational system, can decisively contribute to the achievement of this goal through carefully designed experiential learning activities.
doi:10.26257/heal.duth.12666 fatcat:g5shgwpcfrezxl2rk5cz73vs5y