Case-control Study on Related Factors of Alzheimers Disease

Zhenghai Sun, Yunfeng Han, Fengwu Yan, Na Wang, Wenlin Wang, Jingwen Meng, Huimin Han, Jianzhong Li
2015 Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Civil, Materials and Environmental Sciences   unpublished
Objective To investigate the related risk factors and protective factors of Alzheimer's disease(AD) to provide references for its etiologic study, early prevention and intervention Methods 1:1case-control study was conducted, the study included 87 patients of clinically diagnosed AD from the city proper of Qiqihar Heilongjiang province. According to the same community , sex, age(±3years),and the educational level. collect data and univariate and multiple conditional Logistic regression
more » ... regression analysis. Results Single factor analysis showed that professional, history of hyperlipidemia, physical exercise, housework, Recreational activities, intellectual activity, personality, often high fat diet and other factors through analysis and comparison of eight statistically significant (P values were <0.05) ; multiple conditional Logistic regression analysis showed that professional (OR = 0.109, 95% CL: 0.020 ~ 0.592), history of hyperlipidemia (OR = 5.769, 95%CL: 1.410 ~ 23.608), intellectual activity (OR = 0.130, 95% CL: 0.034 ~ 0.502), high fat diet (OR = 3.217, 95% CL: 1.081 ~ 9.568) and AD disease was closely related. Conclusion professional, history of hyperlipidemia, intellectual activity, high fat diet were closely related with AD, which engaged in mental, intellectual activity were AD protective factors, while engaged in manual labor, history of hyperlipidemia, high fat diet were Alzheimer's disease risk factors.
doi:10.2991/cmes-15.2015.158 fatcat:23nekwujrjfapbf4fhufe6ymu4