First performance evaluation of a Multi-layer Thick Gaseous Electron Multiplier with in-built electrode meshes—MM-THGEM

R. de Olivera, M. Cortesi
2018 Journal of Instrumentation  
We describe a new micro-pattern gas detector structure comprising a multi-layer hole-type multiplier (M-THGEM) combined with two in-built electrode meshes: the Multi-Mesh THGEM-type multiplier (MM-THGEM). Suitable potential differences applied between the various electrodes provide an efficient collection of ionization electrons within the MM-THGEM holes and a large charge avalanche multiplication between the meshes. Different from conventional hole-type multipliers (e.g. Gas Electron
more » ... Electron Multipliers - GEMs, Thick Gas Electron Multipliers - THGEMs, etc.), which are characterized by a variable (dipole-like) field strength inside the avalanche gap, electrons in MM-THGEMs are largely multiplied by a strong uniform field established between the two meshes, like in the parallel-plate avalanche geometry. The presence of the two meshes within the holes allows for the trapping of a large fraction of the positive ions that stream back to the drift region. A gas gain above 10^5 has been achieved for single photo-electron detection with a single MM-THGEM in Ar/(10%)CH4 and He/(10%)CO2, at standard conditions for temperature and pressure. When the MM-THGEM is coupled to a conventional THGEM and used as first cascade element, the maximum achievable gains reach values above 10^6 in He/(10%)CO2, while the IBF approaches of 1.5% in the case of optimum detector-bias configuration. This IBF value is several times lower compared to the one obtained by a double GEM/THGEM detector (5-10%), and equivalent to the performance attained by a Micromegas detector.
doi:10.1088/1748-0221/13/06/p06019 fatcat:3khttoo6kbeixa3irxot2m3exa