What will the first year of SNO show?

John N. Bahcall, Plamen I. Krastev, Alexei Yu. Smirnov
2000 Physics Letters B  
The ratio of the measured to the predicted standard model CC event rates in SNO will be 0.47 if no oscillations occur. The best-fit active oscillation predictions for the CC ratio are: 0.35-39 (MSW) and 0.38-42 (vacuum) (all for a 5 MeV energy threshold), typically about 20% less than the no-oscillation expectation. We calculate the predicted ratios for six active and sterile neutrino oscillation solutions allowed at 99% CL and determine the dependence of the ratios on energy threshold. If the
more » ... igh-energy anomaly observed by SuperKamiokande is due to an enhanced hep flux, MSW active solutions predict that out of a total of 5000 CC events above 5 MeV in SNO between 49 and 54 events will be observed above 13 MeV whereas only 19 events are expected for no-oscillations and a nominal standard hep flux.
doi:10.1016/s0370-2693(00)00250-1 fatcat:w6n43xvizzdupitgtfqetlbtdi