Interpreting Reaction Time Measures in Between-Group Comparisons

Timothy A. Salthouse, Trey Hedden
2002 Journal of Clinical and Experimental Neuropsychology  
Although reaction time measures have been used extensively in many types of between-group comparisons, the assumptions and limitations of reaction time measurement are not always recognized. In this article we discuss three issues that should be considered when designing and interpreting comparisons involving reaction time. These concern speed-accuracy tradeoffs, methods of analyzing measures postulated to re¯ect speci®c processes, and methods for distinguishing group-related in¯uences that are
more » ... shared with other variables from those that are unique to a single variable.
doi:10.1076/jcen.24.7.858.8392 pmid:12647765 fatcat:axol3qg4lbhmtgtf3sdah7qnfe