2012 Journal of Veterinary Pharmacology and Therapeutics  
RESULTS Following i.v. administration the area under the plasma timeconcentration curve from time zero to infinity (AUC 0-¥ ), firstorder elimination rate constant (kz), terminal half-life (t1/2kz) and mean residence time (MRT) were 224.46 lg ml )1 h, 0.06 h-1, 11.52 h and 9.50 h, respectively. After i.m. and s.c. dosing, the mean maximum plasma concentrations (C max ) were 26.64 and 36.92 lg ml )1 , achieved at a same post-injection times (T max ) of 0.75 h, respectively. The t1/2kz was 8.35
more » ... d 8.24 h, the MRT was 11.05 and 9.79 h, respectively, after i.m and s.c administration. CONCLUSIONS There are no significant differences between i.m. and s.c. administration excluding the C max values and between i.v. and other administration excluding the t1/2kz values. 2.1.3 Residue study of cephalexin in colostrum and milk after intramammary infusion to dairy cows at drying off
doi:10.1111/jvp.12006 fatcat:gzd3p4iuibclteaxs3qwc2taie