Assessment and Prevention of Dental Caries in Children Who Were on Artificial Feeding

Jalilova Fariza Rasuljanovna, Murtazaev Saidmurodkhon Saidialoevich
2020 International Journal of Current Research and Review  
Dental caries is among the most frequently occurring dental diseases in children. In the present study, we assessed the prevention of dental caries in children who were on artificial feeding. Methods: The present study was conducted on 1560 children age ranged 3-5 years of both genders and assessment of dental caries was done using dentition status and treatment need as per criteria laid by World Health Organization (WHO). Results: Out of 1560 children, boys were 840 and girls were 720. Age
more » ... p 3 years had 120 boys and 160 girls, 4 years had 270 boys and 300 girls and age 5 years had 450 boys and 260 girls. Out of 840 boys, 360 had caries and out of 720 girls, 390 had caries. The mean dm ft score in boys was 1.60± 0.58 and in girls was 1.54± 0.56. Maximum caries was seen in which age of starting of bottle feeding was <6 months seen in 140, 6-12 months in 180 and 1-2 years seen in 210 children. Maximum caries was seen in children in which the duration of bottle-feeding/ day was 3 hours (260), 2 hours (160) and 1 hour (160). Maximum caries was seen in children in which 1-2 tsp were added (230) followed by 1 tsp (220) and 0 tsp (80). Maximum caries was seen in children in which bottle was used throughout the night in 220, only during feed in 70 and sometimes in 50. Maximum caries was seen in children in which frequency of tooth brushing was occasionally seen in 300, once in 440 and twice seen in 10 children. The difference was significant (P< 0.05). Pit and fissure sealant was used in 60% and GIC restoration in 40% of children. Conclusion: Authors found that bottle feeding is one of the risk factors for early childhood caries. Mother care and awareness regarding child oral hygiene are of paramount importance in preventing the occurrence of dental caries.
doi:10.31782/ijcrr.2020.122311 fatcat:mknoovf5c5axznhkrbmom3wpje