Extraction of mangiferin from Mangifera indica L. leaves using microwaveassistedtechnique

Suslebys Salomon, Iliana Sevilla, Rafael Betancourt, Aylema Romero, Lauro NuevasPaz, Jhoany AcostaEsquijarosa
2014 Emirates Journal of Food and Agriculture  
Mangiferin, a bioactive metabolite having potent antioxidant and pharmacological properties has been obtained in this work by microwave assisted extraction (MAE) technique, from Mangifera indica leaves. A Box-Behnken design was used to evaluate the effect of three parameters: microwave power, the time of extraction, and the ratio of solvent to raw material (mL/g) over the mangiferin yield. Irradiation time was the most important parameter on the recovery of mangiferin. The results indicated
more » ... sults indicated that the optimal conditions should be as follows: power of microwave 900 W, extraction time of 5 min and a solvent volume / vegetal material relation of 10. With these parameters the maximum mangiferin yield was 63.22%. The MAE process was compared with the conventional extraction in stirred tank. No significant statistical differences were found (p= 0.5639) between both extraction methods of mangiferin. The presence of the metabolite was confirmed using high performance liquid chromatography. The method was validated with the guidelines set on the International Conference on Harmonization (ICH), for the validation of analytical procedures.
doi:10.9755/ejfa.v26i7.18188 fatcat:q4wwvyuoafb4vnbn2alr5dff5a