Detection of Dynamical Complexity Changes in Dst Time Series Using Entropy Concepts and Rescaled Range Analysis [chapter]

Georgios Balasis, Ioannis A. Daglis, Anastasios Anastasiadis, Konstantinos Eftaxias
2011 The Dynamic Magnetosphere  
Using an array of diagnostic tools including entropy concepts and rescaled range analysis, we establish that the Dst index time series exhibits long-range correlations, and that the underlying stochastic process can be modeled as fractional Brownian motion. We show the emergence of two distinct patterns in the geomagnetic variability of the terrestrial magnetosphere: (1) a pattern associated with intense magnetic storms, which is characterized by a higher degree of organization (i.e., lower
more » ... lexity or higher predictability for the system) and persistent behavior, and (2) a pattern associated with normal periods, which is characterized by a lower degree of organization (i.e., higher complexity or lower predictability for the system) and anti-persistent behavior.
doi:10.1007/978-94-007-0501-2_12 fatcat:nizmeq7ilrek5nly7mszhvx3em