Potential pathogenicity of pasture plant root-colonising fungi to seedlings of legumes and grasses

N.W. Waipara, M.E. Di Menna, A.L.J. Cole, R.A. Skipp
1996 Proceedings of the New Zealand Plant Protection Conference  
A rapid screening test using seedlings grown axenically on water agar was used to determine the capacity of 70 fungal species, isolated from pasture plant roots, to invade and damage seedling roots of 12 plant species common in Waikato pastures. Deleterious effects on roots of one or more plant species occurred following inoculation with these fungi and some species showed potential to be virulent pathogens, particularly to clover seedlings which were more susceptible to root damage by a larger
more » ... number of fungi than grass seedlings. The technique proved to be a useful preliminary screen to select fungal species and isolates for more detailed studies on their importance in reducing plant emergence and persistence in pasture.
doi:10.30843/nzpp.1996.49.11458 fatcat:7bwl2eklbfd4bp7pmw5zobn7ta