The Existence of Gender-Feminism: Woman Leadership in Historical Momentum of Islamic Perspective in Indonesia

Endis Firdaus
TAWARIKH: International Journal for Historical Studies   unpublished
Political leadership of woman in Islam in Nusantara (Indonesia) has been existing long time ago. But in Indonesia, its discourse more existed at the end of the 19 th century. The strength of current understanding of woman political leadership as a leader (imam) in shalat (praying), it used at home and in the politics area becoming a status quo. The decision of MUI (Majlis Ulama Indonesia or Indonesian Ulema Council) -that forbids a woman to be a President -is not represent an acclamation in a
more » ... mprehensive collective intellectual voluntary agreement, but the majority. Finally, their opinion has been dissociated by itself from the reality of leadership with division of duty from collective modern political leadership. The division of this duty made the leadership of woman can be realized in the politics area. Therefore, the political leadership of woman in its practical reality doesn't have any resistance taken as forbidden reasons of the woman leadership, both from religion and ideological view.