Feasibility study of a hybrid plants (photovoltaic–LPG generator) system for rural electrification

Mabrouk Adouane, Ismail Tabet, Daoud Rezzak, Khaled Touafek, Sitayeb Abdelkader, Houam Yahia
2016 Renewable Energy and Environmental Sustainability  
The present study investigates the possibility of using a stand-alone photovoltaic/LPG (liquid petroleum gas) generator hybrid power system for low-cost electricity production which can satisfy the energy load requirements of a typical remote and isolated rural area. In this context, the optimal dimensions to improve the technical and economical performances of the hybrid system are determined according to the load energy requirements. The proposed system's installation and operating costs are
more » ... perating costs are simulated using the Hybrid Optimization Model for Electric Renewable (HOMER), the solar radiation and the system components costs as inputs; and then compared with those of other supply options such as diesel generation. *
doi:10.1051/rees/2016012 fatcat:5vby3s5c5vefflevqea33w5v3e