Maryland Gazette and Political Intelligencer February 1821

(:Unkn) Unknown
colleges and ta.«aiH' 'sV'^Jmln the purity of republican gov-'"t «»*» '"" X*;X'ijieM>»neot. The tame aalvlary pro. JONAB GRPEHJ >. .-;> ;t\f yUiart, for tffttogoqs beneficial ob* * ' ' 'I tppoVntment of in excellent friend» \V. U. Rochester, Eiq. a young man of th* first 'respectability *"<» , worth in the stateCsnd the r«Hhovat , of Smith, »t Little Falls, and the appointment of Hqlt ster, and th« removal of Chamberlain, in Oxford, and. (he appointTne^nt of LotCUrV.' Eirj'. 1 amm extreme
more » ... ana can therefore ^lidd no more. Us* the done, let, »t 'b^qukkly tlone, and ' SaiHc8iptth»ve b,cen foude, at dt rt^ijime*, to canac the removal of pcuut-omtcT* friendly tq>1V itate principles.
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