Maximizing the Bank Profit with an Extended Genetic Algorithm

Maria Govindan, Kannan Popiuc
In this study, it has been tried to determine the optimal location criteria of bank with Case Study Post Bank in the region's seven of Tehran, Iran, with two main goals first gaining the largest market share and second, minimizing the distance between the customers' access to bank. The optimal location criteria of bank was developed with four criteria include travel time, waiting time, service quality, reliability and warranty and advertising, which set by a questionnaire with AHP method of
more » ... nt. The population of the study has been included 60 randomly clients divided into five class from seven regional. The result has been showed that both travel time and waiting time are the highest rated. Therefore, based on these two criteria, the employer has been subjected to the maximum benefit of the branches. The research's model has been solved using MATLAB software. The study area was divided into 81 nodes and the necessary data were obtained from the branches and seven regional council. Finally, the results has been showed that the model presented in this study are able to predict the location of optimum places.