THC volume 2 issue 1 Cover and Front matter

1986 International Journal of Technology Assessment in Health Care  
The International Journal of Technology Assessment in Health Care has as its specific scope of interest the generation, evaluation, diffusion, and use of health care technology. It addresses the diverse audience of health care providers within medicine, nursing, and the allied health professions; decision makers in government, industry, and health care organizations; and the scholarly disciplines such as ethics, economics, law, history, sociology, psychology and engineering. The journal aims to
more » ... fill the needs of those interested in the complexities of interaction between people and technology; technology as a force in social and organizational change; and technology as it is created, produced, applied and paid for. It examines descriptively and analytically the effects of technology as perceived from the vantage point of different academic disciplines and policy-making organizations and examines methods necessary to conduct studies and evaluations of technology. The focus of the journal will be the international health care community. The experience of different countries in their encounter with health care technology, viewed comparatively, is invaluable to understanding its effects. Further, it is important to establish ties with the scholars, governments, and private institutions concerned with health care technology so that the experiences and learning of the international community in its parts can benefit the whole. The use of technology in health care has created some of the major dilemmas in society today. The journal will serve as a forum for the wide range of professionals interested in the assessment of medical technology, its consequences for patients, and its impact on society. Each issue will contain a special section focussed on a particular topic, general articles, and regular feature sections. Copying
doi:10.1017/s0266462300002671 fatcat:xbouqn63pjcynikrr7prka3jmi