ANALYSIS OF THE RELATION OF LOST-BEHAVIOR AND INFORMATIONAL SPACE : A cognitive study on wayfinding in architectural space, No.4
迷い行動の因子と情報空間との関連分析 : 建築空間における探索行動の認知心理学的考察 その4

Akihiko WATANABE, Kazuhiko MORI
1997 Journal of Architecture and Planning (Transactions of AIJ)  
The pu 甲 osc of this study is to analyzc the relation of inforrnational spa and los レbehaviors on wayfinding behaviors which are the problem solving processes to move to a room getting information . The factors to repress and cause lost − behavior ( selecting wrong route , andbac c g ) are made clearby a discriminant − analysis of experimental subjects ' wayfinding behaViors in four types of informational space ; co π idor type wi 血 out map −sign and directional signs , co dor type with map −
more » ... gn and directiona 且 signs , hal1 type witlout map − sign , and hall type with
doi:10.3130/aija.62.99_1 fatcat:4reuced2ofdb5edzgttp6dgfam