Legislative treatment of the problem of noise pollution in Algeria

Medjadji Mansour
2020 مجلة الاجتهاد للدراسات القانونية والاقتصادية  
The evolution of the concept of the environment, another development of relevant concepts and the most striking example of this development of the concept of environmental pollution, insofar as it is no longer limited to pollution in the classical or the traditional concept (smoke, gas, etc.), but we are talking about another other types of pollution, including what is known as "noise pollution", wh or audio pollution. It is an environmental problem that sources vary from major to secondary, as
more » ... or to secondary, as well as from physiological to psychological. So in this research, I will attempt to conduct an analytical study of the various environmental legislative texts that have been found to address the problem of noise or audio pollution in Algeria. This is an attempt to evaluate the mechanisms created by the legislator to prevent, reduce or even eliminate this huge problem.
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