The Influence of Nonindividual Hrtf in Binaural Reproduction Using Headphones

Tudor Culda, Dumitru Stanomir, Cristian Negrescu
A 3D virtual surround sound environment can be created for a listener using headphone reproduction. For this purpose, a set of head related transfer functions are needed. These functions are convolved with audio signals of a sound source resulting in a 3D virtual spatialization of the source. Two of the most common problems in headphone reproduction are in-head-localization and front-back confusion. In the present paper we are concentrating on analysing the influence of a personal or not
more » ... sonal or not personal Hrtf use. For this task it has been measured and built a database with individual Hrtfs for more than one person and performed subjective audio listening tests. In these listening tests we have been evaluated the perfomance of the reduction of reversal confusion in localization when different nonindividual Hrtf in as compared to using individual Hrtf for different types of audio signals.