Penerapan Model Pembelajaran Berbasis Sentra dalam Mengembangkan Kecerdasan Jamak di Taman Kanak-Kanak Kota Samarinda

Nurwati Nurwati
2019 Southeast Asian Journal of Islamic Education  
The right learning model determines success in learning. Activities that suit the needs of children, of course, prioritize a sense of pleasure and comfort. Fun learning can develop abilities or multiple intelligences as optimal as possible in accordance with existing standards in the curriculum. The learning center model is one of the learning models that is able to stimulate all aspects of child development through directed play. The center-based learning model is one of the more effective
more » ... more effective learning models because it is oriented in playing while learning. This learning model has been applied to Islamc Center Kindergarten, Silmi Islamic Kindergarten and Fastabiqul Khairat Kindergarten. The purpose of this study was to determine the application of the Islamic learning center model to develop children's multiple intelligences in Samarinda City Kindergarten.This research used field research using a qualitative descriptive approach. The research locations were Islamic Center Kindergarten (TK), Silmi Islamic Kindergarten (TK) and Fastabiqul Khairat Kindergarten (TK). Data collection techniques were observation, interviews and documentation. The data analysis technique used was descriptive analysis.The results of this study were obtained after an analysis that center-based learning models develop the ability of multiple intelligence in early childhood. Each center has a focus on developing aspects of intelligence and when put together, all centers are designed with a variety of strategies in the process of learning activities where children learn to actually encourage to be directly involved in observation, do it directly using existing media with pleasure because it is inseparable from the concept of play children, all centers hone the intelligence abilities of logical thinking, intrapersonal, interpersonal, kinesthetic, linguistic, naturalist, musical, visual-spatial and existential. In developing plural intelligence in early childhood, it is supported with facilities and infrastructure that are in line with the concept of learning, namely playing while learning.
doi:10.21093/sajie.v2i1.1860 fatcat:xzpaou4zhffsfardugweztuj4y