Numerical Analysis and Experimental Study of Thread Rolling Process for Micro-sized Screws(Part II: Application to a Micro-screw with Diameter of 800㎛)
마이크로 체결부품 전조성형공정에 관한 해석 및 실험적 고찰(Part II: M0.8급 마이크로 스크류 전조공정 적용)

J.H. Song, J. Lee, H.J. Lee, G.A. Lee, K.D. Park, S.W. Ra, H.W. Lee
2012 Transactions of Materials Processing  
In this paper, it is proposed to produce high precision screws with a diameter of 800 μm and a thread pitch of 200 μm (M0.8xP0.2) by means of a cold thread rolling process. In this part II of the study, the focus is on the production and reliability testing of the prototype M0.8xP0.2 micro-screw. Designs for two flat dies were developed with the aid of the literature and previous studies. Process parameters during the cold thread rolling process were established through FE simulations. The
more » ... mulations. The simulation results showed that the threads of the micro-screw are completely formed through the rolling process. Prototype M0.8xP0.2 micro-screw were fabricated with a high precision thread rolling machine. In order to verify the simulation results, the deformed shape and dimensions obtained from the experiment were compared with those from the simulations. Hardness and failure torque of the fabricated micro-screw were also measured. The values obtained indicate that the CAE based process design used in this paper is very appropriate for the thread rolling of micro-sized screws.
doi:10.5228/kstp.2012.21.3.179 fatcat:m2av3tlnafhthn6w5cz5r7253q