Worker's location prediction system for providing location-based service inside poultry houses

Young-Woo Choi, Na-Eun Kim, Gun-ho Lee, Jeong-Hoon Song, Seok-Gun Hong, Hyeon-Tae Kim
2022 Advances in biological sciences research   unpublished
The objective of this study was to determine the precise location of workers in poultry houses using BLE beacons methods. Data was collected from two poultry houses using smart device systems during the experimental period. A score map was developed using a fingerprint algorithm based on the obtained data. Moreover, the fingerprint algorithm with a score map was used to identify the position of the worker in real-time in the poultry houses. With and without data filtration techniques have been
more » ... pplied during the data processing period. The developed algorithm showed a low accuracy in predicting the position of the worker by using the unfiltered data. However, it was also found a better accuracy by applying the filtered data in the same algorithm. Therefore, the study recommended using BLE beacon methods in a score map-based location prediction system for identifying the optimal position of workers in poultry houses. The current study also suggested that filtered data provided better accuracy in predicting the position of workers compared to unfiltered data using the same algorithm. This study shows to have benefits in location prediction using BLE beacons in poultry houses.
doi:10.2991/978-94-6463-086-2_64 fatcat:6fqo5rqcwbcjjoln6mba4cwf3i