A tertiary care centre experience with periampullary and pancreatic neoplasm in pylorus preserving pancreaticoduodenectomy specimens

Limi Mohandas, Sheela Vasudevan, Kalaranjini KV
2017 Annals of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine  
Inclusion Criteria: Cases with suspected pancreatic/ periampullary cancer that were assumed to be resectable according to preoperative diagnostic work up were included. Exclusion Criteria: Patients with distant metastasis or locally unresectable tumors, as indicated by preoperative workup and intraoperative findings were excluded. Pathologic Review: Specimens were dissected according to CAP protocol. Primary Pathology and extent of the disease were determined on gross and microscopic
more » ... . TNM staging was done. Resection margins of the specimens were inked with Indian ink and considered positive if the neoplasm was present at the neck, uncinate processus, CBD, Duodeum/gastric resection, SMA, SMV and retroperitoneal margin. Statistical Analysis: All variables were entered in excel sheet and analysed by SPSS16. P value was obtained in few variables. ABSTRACT Background: Periampullary neoplasms are of pathologic and clinical significance, out of proportion to the small size of the structure. These neoplasms have different long term follow up following resection despite having similar histology. for a period of 18 months. This cross-sectional study included a total of eighteen cases. Study was commenced after approval from institutional ethical committee. Results: In the present study, females predominated M:F of 1:3.5. The median age for the malignant lesions ranged from 55 yrs to 60yrs and for benign lesions were 30-39years. The most common clinical presentation were neoplastic lesions accounted for 80% of the total lesions and non neoplastic lesions such as chronic calcific pancreatitis for 20%. Pancreatic adenocarcinoma accounted for most number of lesions. Tumor variables such as perineural invasion and margin status positivitiy were seen in pancreatic carcinomas.
doi:10.21276/apalm.1190 fatcat:qh32f62yofcfxi6gkqc2mkq6ii