Proximity nanovalve with large phase-tunable thermal conductance

E. Strambini, F. S. Bergeret, F. Giazotto
2014 Applied Physics Letters  
We propose a phase-controlled heat-flux quantum valve based on the proximity effect driven by a superconducting quantum interference proximity transistor (SQUIPT). Its operation relies on the phase-dependent quasiparticle density of states in the Josephson weak-link of the SQUIPT which controls thermal transport across the device. In a realistic Al/Cu-based setup the structure can provide efficient control of thermal current inducing temperature swings exceeding ∼100 mK, and flux-to-temperature
more » ... flux-to-temperature transfer coefficients up to ∼ 500 mK/Φ_0 below 100 mK. The nanovalve performances improve by lowering the bath temperature, making the proposed structure a promising building-block for the implementation of coherent caloritronic devices operating below 1 K.
doi:10.1063/1.4893759 fatcat:jw5iqlkvbngoze2kqt5jebvm2y