Recent Advances in Field‐Controlled Micro–Nano Manipulations and Micro–Nano Robots

Yuanyuan Chen, Dixiao Chen, Shuzhang Liang, Yuguo Dai, Xue Bai, Bin Song, Deyuan Zhang, Huawei Chen, Lin Feng
2021 Advanced Intelligent Systems  
Figure 6. Recent research and applications of acoustic control. A) Acoustic controlled RBC-PL-robot for removal of pathogenic bacteria and toxins. Reproduced with permission. [115] Copyright 2017, ACS. B) Acoustic controlled rotation of microbeads and oocytes. Reproduced with permission. [116] opyright 2019, AIP. C) Acoustic controlled nanoswimmer for propulsion to maneuver micro-/nanosized objects. Reproduced with permission. [118] opyright 2019, ACS. D) An untethered ultrasound-controlled
more » ... ator for targeted drug delivery. Reproduced with permission. [119] Copyright 2019, Springer Nature. E) Acoustic controlled micro rotor in PDMS channel for microelectromechanical systems. Reproduced with permission. [120]
doi:10.1002/aisy.202100116 fatcat:2p4tandqgjhjbngplmdyxlwi4q