1897 Reports of Patent Design and Trade Mark Cases  
patent was granted to R. for " Lmprouements 'relating to the pro-" duction of light by the incandescence of refractory materials:" The patent 10 was intended to meet the difficulty in the transmission of Welsbacb mantles after ignition, and the Specification stated" that the difficulty might be overcome " by dipping the mantle after iqnition. into a liquid which would thfJroughly " penetrate the interstices of the 'material, and ioould afterioards set to sucb a " degree of hardness as to
more » ... the material from danger of breakage in 15 "packing or handlinq, and iohicb could aflerioards be removed without "mechanical 'injury to the mantles and ioithout leaving any objectionable < residue:" It then stated that a satisfactory method consisted in dippinq into a hot solution of volatile hydrocarbon mixed toith. paraffin wax or paraffis» alone, and described the process for paraffin. Then it continued, "Other 20 '<rnaterials may be emploued as long as they set hard at ordinaru tempera-" tures, and &:c. &c." The claims toere (1) the treatment of the mantles after iqnition~y immersion in a liquid Which icili afterioards set and will burn. away without prejudicial results to the mantles for the purposes set forth , (2) the use of paraffin substantialls] as described in the treatment clauued 25 under the first claim. An action for Lnfrinqement having been brouqlit on this patent by the 8. Companu aqainst the I. Company, alleqino infrinqement by the use of collodion with various sotuents, the defences retied on at the trial ioere (1) that the Patentees were not the true and first inuentors, the invention having been communicated to them by W.; (2) non-infringement; (8) ioant of 30 utility; (4) unnt of novelty by reason of anticipation by an invention of Bright in ike year 18~8 for stiffening the wicks of lamps by d/pping in ioax, and by the importation into this country of Clamond's maanesian baskets coated, for strengthening purposes, icith. dextrine or collodion; and the subsequent burninq of them; (5) expiration of the patent by non-paument 35 of fees. Held, that, according to the proper construction of the Specification, it did not claim any sptting except that effected by cooling; that the invention toas not anticipated by Bright.. and that the importation and burJl'tn,q of Clamonrl's baskets, coated as mention-ed, was not a publication of Clamond.'s nroces«, 16655-2~j () Downloaded from
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