Excitonic localization in AlN-rich AlxGa1−xN/AlyGa1−yN multi-quantum-well grain boundaries

Idris A. Ajia, P. R. Edwards, Z. Liu, J. C. Yan, R. W. Martin, I. S. Roqan
2014 Applied Physics Letters  
I. S. (2014) Excitonic localization in AlN-rich AlxGa1-xN/AlyGa1-yN multi-quantum-well grain boundaries. Applied Physics Letters, 105 (12). ISSN 0003-6951 , http://dx. Articles you may be interested in Suppression of the quantum-confined Stark effect in AlxGa1xN/AlyGa1yN corrugated quantum wells
doi:10.1063/1.4896681 fatcat:w7d7jkhvfbccxiauahgclg25t4