$J/\psi$ gluonic dissociation revisited: II. Hydrodynamic expansion effects

B. K. Patra, V. J. Menon
2005 European Physical Journal C: Particles and Fields  
We explicitly take into account the effect of hydrodynamic expansion profile on the gluonic breakup of J/ψ's produced in an equilibrating parton plasma. Attention is paid to the space-time inhomogeneities as well as Lorentz frames while deriving new expressions for the gluon number density n_g, average dissociation rate <Γ̃>, and ψ survival probability S. A novel type of partial wave interference mechanism is found to operate in the formula of <Γ̃>. Nonrelativistic longitudinal expansion fro
more » ... ll length of the initial cylinder is found to push the S(p_T) graph above the no flow case considered by us earlier rev1. However, relativistic flow corresponding to large length of the initial cylinder pushes the curve of S(p_T) downwards at LHC but upwards at RHIC. This mutually different effect on S(p_T) may be attributed to the different initial temperatures generated at LHC and RHIC.
doi:10.1140/epjc/s2005-02273-2 fatcat:6u4qjxduybduhjaiypax5aezfq