Descriptive catalogue of the "old reliable" Albany Nurseries / [book]

B. F. Pierce
1909 unpublished
All persons authorized to act as agents for us, are provided with a Avritten certificate to that effect, and we request that they be required to show their certificates. Stock is unfrequently sold by persons without authority, and not furnished from the places they represent, by which means man}^i)oor trees and plants are distributed, causing great dissatisfaction and disappointment. »^B uy Good Stock of Reliable Men, and this may be avoided. TO CORRESPONDENTS. In the transaction of any
more » ... tion of any business, a mutual desire for mutual satisfaction between parties should prevail. Let us, then, ask of our patrons an observance of the following requests : That all orders addressed to us be written out in a legible style, with the name in full on a seperate sheet, and not in the body of the lettter, that no mistakes may occur. That particular and plain directions be given how they wish their packages marked, and by what route sent, and to whose care consigned. When no route is designated, we will send by the one we deem most advisable; but let it be distinctly understood that we will, in no case, be responsible for any loss or damage that may occur after we have delivered them to the forwarders. They alone are responsible. While we exercise the greatest care to have all our trees and plants true to name, well grown and packed in the best possible manner, and hold ourselves in readiness, on proper proof, to replace all trees or plants that may accidentally prove untrue to label, free of charge, or refund the amount paid therefore, it is mutually understood and agreed to between the purchaser and ourselves that our guarantee of genuineness shall in no case make us liable for any sum greater than that origianally received for trees or plants that prove untrue. Our reputation for upright dealing, and the uniformly high standard of quality of our products, is our guarantee to our customers. When orders are received specifying the kinds wanted, the purchaser will please say whether we shall fill up with other varieties, should some of those which he has ordered be exhausted. We will, so far as in our power, give him his choice ; but when the varieties specified cannot all be furnished, or are known to be unworthy of cultivation, we will take the liberty of substituting others in their place, unless special orders are given to the contrary. When the purchaser is not well acquainted with the fruit by name, he would do well to leave the selection to us, briefly stating at what season he wishes the fruit to ripen ; and in such case we will exercise our best judgement in making a judicious and profitable selection of the standard sorts and good trees. Prompt attention will be given to all letters requesting information, all of which should enclose a postage stamp. It is expected that orders for trees from those with whom we have no acquaintance will be accompanied by the cash or a suitable reference. Our terms are inLvariskbly-csisK, or a negotable note of short time, satisfactorily endorsed, made payable at bank. From past experience we have learned that we cannot afford to delay collections, and must henceforth insist upon prompt payment. Our business is attended with heavy expenses, and we must have the cash to push it. Trees, plants, etc., will be crarefully taken up, each kind tied by itself and labeled, the roots packed so as to carry safely, and delivered to the transportation companies free of charge. All communications should be addressed to It is with pleasure that we present to our friends and patrons this edition of our DESCRIPTIVE CATALOTGUE OF FRUIT, ORNAMENTAL TREES, Etc., and in doing so we tender to them our sincere thanks for the many expressions of encouragement and substantial aid they have given us. We will endeavor in the future, as we have in the past, by strict attention to business, to merit their patronage and good will. The lamented Downing said, in his introduction to his work on fruit and fruit trees, that "A man born on the bank of the noblest and most fruitful river in America, and whose best days have been spent in gardens and orchards, may perhaps be pardoned for talking about fruit trees." We must claim indulgence for similar reasons; and if we seem to urge these subjects beyond the rules of propriety, our apology is, that we think we are working in a good cause and for the good of our fellow men. He said further: "Indeed, the subject deserves not a few, but many words. Fine fruit is the flower of commodities. It is the most perfect union of the useful and the beautiful that the earth knows. Trees full of soft foliage ; blossoms fresh with spring beauty ; and finally fruit, rich, bloom .dusted, melting and luscious. Such are the treasures of the orchard and garden, temptingly offered to the landholder in this bright and sunny though temperate climate. " We are pleased to note an increasing interest throught the whole country in the cultivation of the useful and beautiful. Both fruits and flowers are more highly appreciated by the masses than formerly, and we regard it as a most happy indication, not only in the effect it will have upon the health of the body, but also in the softening influence it will have on the harsher feelings of our nature. To the planter or purchaser of nursery stock, at least three things are indispensable. First, varieties true to name ; second, healthy, vigorous, well matured trees or plants; careful and judicious packing, without which all will be lost. We give the most careful scrutiny to the propagation of varieties, endeavoring by all methods known to us to protect ourselves from error or imposition, and rejecting anything of which we may have reason to be suspicious. By careful and constant watching and attention, we are warranted in offering our stock as pure and absolutely true to name. Our soil being of character best suited to produce the healthiest conditions of growth, that solid, firm texture of the wood, with abundant fibrous root, so necessary to successful transplanting, we are enabled to offer the product of our nurseries with entire confidence to planters in all sections of the country. We give to our packing and shipping careful and personal supervision, and to still further protect our patrons, as well as ourselves against loss in this direction, we employ the most skilled and competent hands to assist us. We aim to keep fully abreast of enlightened and cultivated taste, in the introduction of new and valuable varieties of fruit and novelties and valuable
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