On the Accuracy and Stability of the Perfectly Matched Layer in Transient Waveguides

Kenneth Duru, Gunilla Kreiss
2012 Journal of Scientific Computing  
Energy transmitted along a waveguide decays less rapidly than in an unbounded medium. In this paper we study the efficiency of a PML in a time-dependent waveguide governed by the scalar wave equation. A straight forward application of a Neumann boundary condition can degrade accuracy in computations. To ensure accuracy, we propose extensions of the boundary condition to an auxiliary variable in the PML. We also present analysis proving stability of the constant coefficient PML, and energy
more » ... tes for the variable coefficients case. In the discrete setting, the modified boundary conditions are crucial in deriving discrete energy estimates analogous to the continuous energy estimates. Numerical stability and convergence of our numerical method follows. Finally we give a number of numerical examples, illustrating the stability of the layer and the high order accuracy of our proposed boundary conditions.
doi:10.1007/s10915-012-9594-7 fatcat:3f6w3aufajd7nlnf35fivwohgm