N.M. Zhabina
2021 Geological Journal  
The article summarizes the results of the study of paleontology and biostratigraphy of the Jurassic of the Piennine Zone of the Ukrainian Carpathians by domestic and foreign researchers. For the first time, a summary paleontological description of these sediments is presented, taking into account numerous published data on identified macro- and mictofossils. A correlation biozonal scale has been created, as well as complex biostratigraphic schemes for each Jurassic series of its region in
more » ... ance with the International Stratigraphic Scale (2020). Because the stratigraphic sequence was disturbed by disjunctive dislocations, these schemes were developed by analysis of fragmentary sections. At present, three series of the Jurassic are determined by ammonites, belemnites, pelecypods, brachiopods, the Lower and Upper series are also dated by dinocysts, the Upper also by foraminifera and tintinnids. The stages and standard zones of the modern international scale are determined by ammonites: Liasicus of the Gettangian; Bucklandi, Obtusum, Raricostatum of the Sinemurian; Jamesoni, Emaciatum of the Pliensbachian; Tenuicostatum, Serpentinum, Bifrons, Thouarcense of the Toarcien; Opalinum, Murchisonae, Bradfordensis, Concavum of the Aalenian; Propinquans, Humpriesianum, Parkinsoni of the Bajocian; Zigzag, Aurigerus, Subcontractus, Bremeri, Retrocostatum of the Bathonian; Athletа of the Callovian; Plicatilis і Bifurcates of the Oxfordian; Divisum, Acanticum і Cavouri of the Kimmeridgian. Continuous dinocyst zonation is traced in the Upper Jurassic – Fibrata Аcme (Upper Oxfordian), Parvula Acme, Moluccana і Borzai (Kimmerigian), Pulla, Tithonica, Malmica, Semiradiata (Lower Tithonian) and all standard tintinnide zones of Tithonian — Chitinoidella (підзони Dobeni і Boneti), Praetintinnopsella, Crassicollaria. The boundaries of the stages from the Gettangiean to the Oxfordian are not determined. The boundaries between the Lower and Upper Oxfordian as well as between the Kimmeridgian substages are determined by ammonites as well as the boundary between the Kimmeridgian and Tithonian is determined by dinocysts, and the boundary between the Jurassic and Cretaceous is determined by tintinnids (corresponds to the boundary between the zones Crassicollaria of Tithonian and Calpionella of Berriassian). Stratigraphic unconformities were revealed by the macro- and mictofossils: the regional erosion on the boundary between the Aalenian and Bajocian as well as in Early Callovian, and short gap on the boundary between the Lower and Upper Bajocian.
doi:10.30836/igs.1025-6814.2021.3.228194 fatcat:joxfhc3trrcuflfq3u35nnkdqa