Evaluation of a sitting light volleyball intervention to adults with physical impairments: Qualitative study using Social–Ecological Model [post]

Ka Man Leung, Pak-Kwong Chung, William Chu
2020 unpublished
Background: This study was a part of 16-week sitting light volleyball (SLVB) intervention program which examined the effects of the intervention on the physical and psychological attributes of adults with physical impairments (PWPI) in Hong Kong. Gaining a deeper understanding of the perceptions and experiences of PWPI in the SLVB intervention is critical to the development of SLVB as a physical activity and a sport. The aims of this study were (a) to assess participants' experiences of the
more » ... rvention and (b) to examine the suitability and feasibility of SLVB intervention for PWPI.Methods: Twenty participants (mean age = 53.52 years, standard deviation 9.02 years; 60% female; 25% with at least a college degree) participated in semi-structured interviews. Results: Content analysis revealed features of their experiences at the individual or intrapersonal level (physical and psychological health, enjoyment, novelty, competence, autonomy), interpersonal level (socialization and teamwork, social support), organizational and community levels (perceived sport venue environment, venue accessibility, safety, dissemination of information), and policy level (resources allocation by the government). The participants also commented on the suitability and feasibility of the SLVB intervention for PWPI, its content and coaching, the modified rules, the duration of sessions, scheduling, and the number of participants and coaches. Conclusions: This study identified several themes relevant to the promotion of PWPI engagement with SLVB and demonstrated that adopting a multilevel approach to the intervention resulted in positive outcomes for participants. Playing SLVB is suitable and feasible for PWPI. The findings contribute to the understanding of the experiences PWPI had of the SLVB intervention, which is critical to the further development of SLVB as a physical activity and a sport.
doi:10.21203/rs.2.15889/v4 fatcat:2t64xhiukzcividzeh255s4kca