Radiological findings of hemophilia

C U Choi, K U Choi, Y C Kim, K J Shin, S C Lee
1987 Journal of the Korean Radiological Society  
A hemophilia is a well kn own hereditary disorder of bl ood coagul ation w hich b leeds mostl y in th e large joi nts and freq uentl y in central nervou s system, abdo minal o rgans and soft tissues. Recently using combined co mputed tomography and ultraso n og ra ph ι more acc urate locatio n and extent of th e lesion can be detected Authe rs views proven 36 cases of hemoph ili a w ith analys is of their simple X-ray, co mputed tomography and ul traso nography Th e res ul ts we re as fo ll ows
more » ... 1. AII 36 patients we re male, and age di stributi o n was 2-1 6 yea r 2. Most pati ents showed type A (97.2%), and type B (2.8%) in 36 cases 3. A hemo phili a arthropathy (30 cases) was developed mostl y hemophilia in th e knee joint (67%), and re st of invo lvement in the elbow, ankle and hip join t 4 . On com puted tomography of CNS lesion (1 4/36 cases); lCH in 6 cases (43%), EDH in 2 cases (14%), co mbined type in 3 cases (21%) and SAH in 3 cases (21%) 5. Ultrasonography, retroperi toneal hematoma were detected in 4 cases, inci uding il eopsoas hematoma (2 cases)
doi:10.3348/jkrs.1987.23.4.645 fatcat:ublo5qx635hohpimpbd5y44qti