Two Different Textile Antennas Designed for Unipolar Feed and Deployment in Clothing Apparatus

S. Jevsnik S. A. Mitilineos
2016 Zenodo  
Textile antennas have recently attracted significant research resources due to their potential to be used for communications and medical applications in a seamless manner. The respective research field is very active and ongoing research includes new materials and techniques for robustness, durability and credibility of designs. A series of textile antennas have been designed, fabricated and tested during the ongoing work within the context of the ETexWeld Marie-Curie Research Project. Herein,
more » ... e present two textile antennas that are designed to operate in close vicinity or in contact with the human body. The first one is a rectangular spiral antenna with unipolar feeding and modified layout and the second one is a planar dipole that is modified to operate with unipolar feed connector. The main goal of the proposed designs was to implement textile antennas that are easily and cost-efficiently implemented using textile technologies like knitting and sewing. Both proposed antennas were implemented by sewing conductive yarns over conventional fabric in a way that the shape of the antenna is developed in an accurate manner. The simulated and measured results of the proposed antennas encourage their implementation using alternative textile technologies like welding and embroidery.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.3638076 fatcat:omruuaigfrbalbdehlx3ptz2vy