A Review on Synthetic Methods of Nanostructured Materials

Ayuk Eugene, Ugwu Mariagoretti, Aronimo Samuel
2017 Chemistry Research Journal   unpublished
Interest in Nanoscience and Nanomaterials has remained unabated and has attracted so much attention in recent times. New advances both in the preparation and device fabrication have emerged due the development of nano and material sciences. Scientists from different fields of research such as biologists, chemists, physicists, material scientists, pharmacists and engineers are involved in this venture. This is because Nanoparticles (NPs) have very wide range of applications in areas like health
more » ... are, cosmetics, food and feed, environmental health, mechanics, optics, biomedical sciences, chemical industries, electronics, space industries, drug-gene delivery, energy science, optoelectronics, catalysis, single electron transistors, light emitters, nonlinear optical devices, as well as photo electrochemical applications. The synthesis of nanomaterials is an important milestone in the pursuit. A lot of significant developments have been made in the improvement of methods of synthesis of nanomaterial by chemists, materials scientists and engineers. In this review various methods of fabricating nanomaterials are discussed. They include Mechanical ball milling, Mechanochemical