The Correlation between Plastic Surgery and Self-esteem in Iranian Females

2020 International journal of psychiatry (Overland Park)  
Background/Objective: The importance of the psychological aspects in plastic surgery has been well known since the second half of the 20th century. Therefore, the aim of the present study was to compare the differences between those 'seeking' and those 'non-seeking' people for plastic surgery and also to survey the impact of surgery on the patient's self-esteem. Methods: The samples selected by purposeful method and an age range (considered between 20-40 years) in two separate groups (30
more » ... e groups (30 persons seeking to have plastic surgery, and 30 persons not seeking (but needing) plastic surgery). The required data were collected through both the demographic and Kupper Smith's self-esteem standard questionnaire, and the obtained data were analyzed by two independent t-test methods. Results: The obtained results signify that the hypothesis is verified to a confidence level of 95%, i.e. There were significant differences in scores of patients (M=34.90, SD= 5.90) and normal (M=37.63, SD= 3.54) given peoples' self–esteems. Conclusion: Based on findings, the people who were seeking plastic surgery are more vulnerable to have a lower selfesteem, and those who are seeking plastic surgery have less self-esteem, than those who are "non-seeking".
doi:10.33140/ijp.05.02.03 fatcat:2gfadattifegncdpql3yl3gx7q