Dry Powder Inhalers: A Review

Niti Yadav, Alka Lohani
2013 Indo Global Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences   unpublished
In the recent years pulmonary drug delivery system is found to be preferred route of administration for various drugs. It has been divided into 3 classes: Nebulizers, pMDI, DPI.DPI are used as an alternative to pMDI because pMDI contains propellant (CFC) which has ozone depletion characteristics. DPI delivers medication in the form of dry powder to lungs. DPI is formulated either as a carrier based system or carrier free system. A wide range of dry powder inhaler devices are presently available
more » ... presently available in the market to deliver drugs with maximum drug delivery and low variability. This review focuses on the DPI formulation, factors affecting performance of DPI, and evaluation parameters. The development of DPI is governed by regulatory bodies. FDA and EMEA supported by pharmacopoeia are responsible for assessing safety and efficacy.